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The moment the piece of gravel hits your windshield, a crack is already forming. Automotive glass repairs are rarely anticipated, but when the damage occurs, it must be addressed quickly. That’s where Defender Auto Glass comes in. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect the damage to your windshield and determine if it needs to be completely replaced or if it can be repaired. Once we determine that your glass can be repaired, we work efficiently to inject resin to repair the chip, crack, or nick, allow it to cure, and polish it for a smooth finish. We use industry-leading materials and equipment to restore your glass with care and attention to every detail.

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You have choices when it comes to automotive glass repair in Greater Cleveland. Why choose Defender Auto Glass? Our technicians are trained and highly skilled in the art of vehicle glass repair. We understand how critical it is for your glass to perform and to be structurally sound, keeping you safe on the road. The next time you are dealing with a cracked or damaged windshield, make sure you reach out to Defender Auto Glass, your local automotive glass company in Broadview. Repairs are available at any of our auto glass repair facilities as well as through our mobile auto glass repair service. We make windshield repairs as easy and stress-free as possible.