Northeast Ohio’s Premier Window Tinting Service

Whether you are looking to replace your old auto glass with a tinted window or looking to tint your existing vehicle’s glass, Defender Auto Glass has you covered. Defender can replace your clear vehicle glass with a tinted replacement, and our partners at D&S Automotive are ready to darken your window to protect your eyes and interior from damaging UV rays. When you are ready to tint, Defender is ready to help!

Quality Windshield Tinting

When you call us for a windshield replacement, let us know that you are interested in tinting your windows or windshield. If you would like to have tinted windows, Defender Auto Glass has you covered. Once we install a tinted window replacement, we can get you scheduled to have it darkened to your liking at D&S Automotive.

If you don’t need a windshield replacement and are just looking for tinting services, give D&S Automotive a call. They will get you set up with an appointment to get your windows the tint that you desire.


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What to Expect

If you need a windshield replacement, here’s what to expect when you call Defender Auto Glass:

  • Set up an appointment for windshield replacement.
  • Replace windshield with tinted glass.
  • Schedule an appointment for further window tinting with D&S Automotive.
  • Receive window tinting service from D&S Automotive.


If you are looking exclusively for window tinting, here’s what will happen when you call D&S:

  • Set up an appointment for window tinting with D&S Automotive.
  • Bring your car in to our Mentor location (7588 Tyler Blvd).
  • Have window tinting service completed on your vehicle.

Are you ready to have your windows tinted? D&S Automotive can conduct that service at the Mentor location.

If you are in need of window tinting, schedule an appointment or give us a call at 1-440-602-7770.