Road trips undeniably are all about the journey. While you do usually have a destination, the most fun is had along the way. It doesn’t matter where you are traveling, there is always something to be said about traveling the terrains and seeing the sights.

At Defender Auto Glass, our mission is to get your car back to you in safe, working condition. Your car is not just a machine that you need to get yourself to and from work. It is also a vehicle in which you travel for fun and the best road trips create memories that last a lifetime. To get the most out of your road trips, check out these road trip tips.

Prep your car for the trip.

Before going on a long road trip, it is important to make sure your car is ready for it. The last thing you want is to be broken down on the side of the road. To help avoid this situation, it is smart to take your car in for an inspection to check the fluid levels and tire pressure, as well as to make sure that the battery, brakes and tires are all working properly.

You should also stock your car with an emergency roadside kit complete with jumper cables, triangle reflectors, windshield wiper fluid, a flashlight and more useful items just in case.

Lastly, start the trip off right by cleaning your vehicle of any garbage, dirt, debris, and unnecessary items. This will give you a clean slate to start and will make the inevitable mess that comes with spending a lot of time in the car more bearable.

Have a general plan.

While it is okay to veer from the plan and go where the wind takes you, it is a good idea to at least start with a general plan of where you will be going, where you will be staying overnight, and how to get there.

But be careful not to over-schedule yourself. The best part of road trips are oftentimes unplanned.

Make an epic playlist.

There is nothing better to accompany the open road than great music. Make sure to download some music to your smartphone (or make a mix CD if your car has a CD player). When choosing music, take into consideration the tastes of everyone in the car to encourage your passengers to belt out the lyrics.

Be sure to also upload other entertainment options for when you’d like to switch it up. There are a variety of podcast options on popular apps like Spotify, iTunes, and Podcast One. You can also listen to audio books from apps like Audible from Amazon. These are all great ways to make the time go quicker and avoid the dreaded “Are we there yet?”

Do as the locals do.

Traveling is all about experiencing new cultures and trying new things. That being said, avoid the national chains and give the local restaurants a try. You may find something that you really like that you would never try otherwise. Check out the ‘Where to’ app to see what is nearby.

Bring GPS.

While it does not hurt to have a physical map as a backup, Google Maps will be your best friend on a road trip. Navigation apps such as Google Maps, Apple Maps and Waze are a lifesaver when you run into the unexpected (and it will happen). If you get taken off of your planned route by a road closure or other detour, these apps can adjust your route to get to where you are going safely.They can also provide helpful ETAs for timing purposes. Better yet, use your car’s navigation system if it has one for hands-free, seamless navigation.

Avoid Car Sickness.

Sometimes it is fun to get off of the beaten path and take the scenic route. However, keep in mind that many country roads are windy and can cause car sickness for those that are not driving. It is best to choose scenic routes that are short and allow for easy access to the highway if you need to re-enter due to sickness.

With these tips, you will road trip like a champion! Make a plan and get out there to experience the journey. We wish you the best on your next road trip!